"The feed contains the necessary requirements of amino acids, cholesterol, and fatty acids (omega 3 - omega 6)"


In order to cover all the production cycle of the shrimp, Empagran bought ABA (feeding manufacturing plant) in 1998, which is currently located a few kilometers away from the Finacua´s pools, Somar packing plant and Guayaquil.

In January 1998, a big expansion of the ABA plant was completed, which allowed us to produce 150,000 40Kg bags per month.


So in that year were produced 45,000 tons of feed.

Currently, it still is one of the biggest and more automated plants in Ecuador, and even though it has the capacity to produce any kind of feeding, it has specialized in making shrimp feed and recently for tilapia too.

This specialization has allowed us to develop the most advanced quality control systems in our own laboratories, which certify both the excellent quality of the raw materials and the dependability of it end products.


Benefits of shrimp and tilapia feed

1. Better rates of nutritional conversion, according to the handling and conditions of the crops.
2. Higher survival rates.
3. Uniform size and weight production.
4. Reduction of production time.