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Post larvae treatment

Since February 2000, Semacua uses pools of the "Raceway" type". The harvested in larvae culture post larvae is cultivated in them until they are of a bigger sizes, under strictly controlled conditions and at high densities, before they are sown in pools.

Several benefits are obtained:

  • The cultivation cycle in the pool is shortened and a better adapted seed is provided for the conditions of the pool.
  • The total survival is enhanced and the proportion of mortality that occurs in raceway is "cheaper" because it is easily quantifiable and the food is used more efficiently.
  • It is possible to discard those lots of seeds that do not behave satisfactorily , before using expensive food and pool time on them.

At the moment the installation of raceways in the farms is being planned, which will be translated in less transportation costs and a more effective and gradual acclimatization to the water conditions of each farm.


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Raceway Tanks are used to farm the post-larva.